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Daddy Needs a New Pair of ‘Wings’

$1M 330 Knot Homebuilt Turboprop

I want one!

Saw this at work today. Brand new Lancair Evolution. It’s a (employ Dr. Evil tone here) one million dollar homebuilt kit plane. Seating four in its pressurized cabin, it has a max cruise of 330 knots at 28,000 feet with the pictured  Pratt & Whitney PT-6 Turboprop.

Y’all need to tell all your friends to go out and buy my book … otherwise I’ll never afford this thing. (Cue rimshot and laugh track.)

Dean M. Cole

Amazon Top 20 and Audible Top 10 Author Dean M. Cole, a retired combat helicopter pilot and airline pilot, has penned multiple award-winning apocalyptic tales. Solitude, book one of Dimension Space, won the 2018 ABR Listeners Choice Award for Best Science Fiction. Previously, IndieReader named Dean's first full-length novel, Sector 64: Ambush, to their Best of 2014 list. His sixth book, Amplitude, the third Dimension Space novel, is now available.

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  1. Replydanica
    BaNG! I want one, that Pratt and Whitney is the same on the Koala 1000 hP....caaa RAZY! I'll give you a hundred bucks, you pay the rest we'll own it half and half. I always wanted a Lancair
    • ReplyAuthordeanmcole
      Can't argue with that math, lol.

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